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Artist Support Project

Creativity stands for "to Grow"

The Arts and Creativity are vital for humanity

Supporting the Arts in general, in all walks of life, and specifically for the emerging Artist.

Support in this sense includes facilitating exposure and recognition for all artists, as well as generating possible income as a side effect.

Artists can be supported by people who appreciate the artists art, often called fans or followers.

If you appreciate or like to find an artist to appreciate and become a "fan", that actively supports and works on spreading the artists achievements, make yourself known to the artists and offer your voluntary services, possibly sharing your appreciation on social media or similar media outlets.

UseNature will support artists and their art and creative community events, by offering Free "listing" facilities within our directory pages. FREE web-space for adding profiles for artists, actives fans/volunteers, and events.

Artists (all modalities) - Authors - Musician/Composers - Community Events - Artists Fans/volunteers - (still to come)

To apply, click "Listings" .. apply for a free text listing, and e-mail me, I will activate a Free Profile Listing, no strings attached.

Become an Art Volunteer, support your favorite artist with marketing, social media expose and showcasing their art. To volunteer your services, e-mail us with your details and what art or artist you would like to support, or create your own free profile.


.. art, creativity, harmony, tolerance, equality, peace, happiness and health.

For Question or Feedback, please contact me directly to assure prompt answers: Dieter L. - Editor



Arts for Peace:

Peace Education through the Arts, Culture, and Exposure

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CD : Frozen Time - by Alpha Romance

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