Concerning Epidemic of Lifestyle Disease

By | 08/08/2017

Lifestyle Disease … as we all know…. is preventable! So ….. why don’t we prevent Lifestyle Disease? It is well known that lifestyle choices play a major influence on our general health, with LIFESTYLE DISEASE now ranking in the top 10 disease statistics. Even without considering general health and ‘just’ concentrating on the elimination of… Read More »

Active Prevention for Lifestyle Diseases

By | 05/08/2017

Active Preventative Health Care Practitioners will be encouraged to start “preventative care strategies” within their community, by being active on Social Media as well as Local Media, by offering Free introduction classes and groups for wellness improvement. Prevention by it’s very nature is Pro-Active Health Care. Active Prevention, being Pro-Active beats being Re-active. To visit… Read More »

Label Check – Rice Bread

By | 12/10/2014

Food Label Check – Rice Bread To be precise, this Rice bread is: Britt’s Organic – Gluten Free Rice Bread They do have a few variation of this bread, and I like them all. 🙂 This bread has probably been created for Gluten sensitive people in mind, but frankly, it certainly can be enjoyed by… Read More »

Food Label Check – Custard

By | 06/10/2014

Food Label Check – Custard In today’s food watch, I am checking out “Pauls Premium Custard”. There is no specific reason, other than wanting to know if I am not accidentally consuming something that could be harmful to my health. I always get a bit skeptic, if I see too many numbers on a “Nutrition… Read More »

The Utopia Concept

By | 01/10/2014

The word Utopia often triggers more negative than positive responses. For starters, Utopia is a vaguely described term, and would mean different things to different people. The negative aspect is the seemingly impossible nature of the Utopia promise, and therefore the naivety of it. But, by far the widest impression is that it is too… Read More »

Hello Planet Earth!

By | 23/09/2014

This has been a long establish web-site, which has been dismantled because of technical reasons, and it has been decided to dedicate this web-site and blog to post information about how to support Holistic Health in the form of Active Prevention. Anyone who would like to contribute, please contact me .. I am looking for… Read More »