Label Check – Rice Bread

By | 12/10/2014

Food Label Check – Rice Bread

To be precise, this Rice bread is:
Britt’s Organic – Gluten Free Rice Bread
They do have a few variation of this bread, and I like them all. 🙂

This bread has probably been created for Gluten sensitive people in mind, but frankly, it certainly can be enjoyed by everyone who appreciates a good bread.

Personally I love bread, after all, I grew up as a Bakers son 🙂 . I definitely had too much of that yummy stuff, not just a large variety of great “German” breads, but also cakes in all shapes and sizes. I do understand if people are slightly addicted to breads, cakes and other yummy grain products.

Unfortunately, bread, or grain products, or even just gluten products are not always digestible for all people. There is the medical recognized Gluten Allergy in people with Celiac Disease ( Coeliac Disease), but also the less recognized “Gluten food sensitivity”, which can bring on mild to  severe digestive problems.

All this can be taken even further, there may be enough evidence to suggest that all grains may cause an inflammatory reaction in our system. Certain diets take that into account by eliminating all grain products.

I am not sure if this would be the right approach for everyone, how could I; I only know what I read and therefore make up my own mind. However, as there is definitely an over-consumption of grain products in our society, to go on a grain free diet for a certain time may indeed be very beneficial.

Organic Rice BreadFor people who don’t want to go that far as to eliminate all grains, they certainly could try a Gluten Free Rice Bread. Rice, by the way, is often used in detox or elimination diets, because it is recognized as a very low reactive food. I guess, it can’t be said that it is non-reactive, actually I am not aware of anything “non-reactive”, in fact, anyone could be reactive, sensitive or have an allergy to absolute everything.
Have I mentioned, I love this bread, I have it toasted in the morning for breakfast, it tastes great, and is easy to digest. Check out the label, and if you have been looking for a Gluten free grain type of product, try it out, test it and see if it agrees with you.

Sorry, the label is a bit hard to read, here are the ingredients:
White rice flour, rice sourdough, potato flour, brown rice flour, guar gum, arrowroot, organic sunflower oil, natural chia seed, unrefined sea salt.

If you are OK with all the other ingredients, it should be OK to eat. By the way, brown rice is a bit more reactive than white rice.

Enjoy, maybe with some organic butter … ?

All in good Health, Dieter L. – useNature Editor

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