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The Utopic Concept - Non-Violence

What is the Utopia Concept?


It is the concept that there is the possibility to have the ideal life on this planet, free of negative destructive influences, and filled with creativity, tolerance and goodwill. This concept can be seen as a Goal that can be developed while humanity is evolving further.

An ideal life would include the following:

  1. Peace is the number one utopian concept.

  2. Living in harmony with each other, accepting and respecting each others lifestyle, morality, spirituality and

  3. A life without poverty

  4. A politically united system, with different ideologies working together in synergy for the good of all.

  5. Free Education for all.

  6. Religion united in harmony.

  7. A supportive attitude. Being for something, rather than against something.

How could all these ideals be put into reality?

For starters, it always starts with you, the individual, creating a peaceful, constructive and supportive attitude towards your fellow human beings and the planet you are living on.

If you can achieve that within yourself, than continue by spreading this attitude around you. Apply a self check, are you still arguing with someone? Is it about facts or is a personal attack part of the argument. A personal attack will never solve a problem; an argument or discussion about facts however can bring solutions or re-solutions.

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.. peace, harmony, tolerance, equality, happiness and health.

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How do we treat our Planet ?

Questions to be answered:

Aiming for Zero Waste
Events aiming for zero waste by instigating management procedures will reduce costs and waste to landfill. Local governments should be falling all over implementing sustainable event management practices which will take pressure off their landfills.

Large events that go on for days or weeks generate many tons of toxic waste, yes toxic.

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Global Warming?

Where have all the Forests gone?

Is everything exchanged for Money?

Is there a "Save the Earth Movement"?

I am sure there are many more question, please send me some of your urgent planetary and humanity healing question, solutions or suggestion.

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