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Active Prevention ... Future of Sustainable Health Care

Naturopaths are Active Preventative Health Care Practitioners

Active Prevention means a person or patient has to perform a lifestyle changing action, by either including or excluding lifestyle habits. Compliance is achieved by frequent low cost check up consultations, as well as "Group or Class Sessions", and substidised activity programs like Walking, Tai Chi, Yoga and similar appropriate activities.

"Prevention is better than a cure"

... above quote is widely recognised and proven to be true.

There is nothing new, everyone knows prevention is successful, cheaper and certainly less painful.

Wouldn't you think, that much more research and efforts could be employed in advancing an Active Preventative Medicine kind of Policy, clearly acknowledging the superiority for advancing health within our community?

The World Health Organisation obviously is acknowledging above facts in their Constitution, read their statement:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

useNature, as a body of Support for Active Natural Holistic Prevention strategies, urges the government to consider the following:

A reimbursement & regulatory system that prioritises and encourages Health Promotion and Active Prevention.

What is Active Prevention?

  1. Active Prevention focuses on Actual Activities, such as educating, showing and demonstrating to a patient what needs to be done to improve health and wellbeing, and activate steps for compliance of the recommendation given.


    • Activation of a Patient is one of the the key differences between the natural and the medical system.
      The medical system keeps patients Passive.

    • ACTIVE Prevention, includes to actively changing lifestyle habits, the patients has to be active, getting back responsibility for their own health!.

    • PASSIVE Prevention, practiced by the Medical System, (essential) includes; Vaccination & Medical tests.

  2. Active Prevention means the person or patient had to perform a lifestyle changing action, by either including or excluding lifestyle habits.

  3. Compliance is achieved by frequent low cost check up consultations, as well as "Group or Class Sessions".

  4. Lifestyle change is a fork in the road:
    A person needs to be supported to stop self-sabotaging with counter productive lifestyle activities, and
    equally supported to take the road of good health.

    *Each time you drink or eat something you make a sub-conscious decision to consume either something detrimental or something supportive for your health.

  5. Active Prevention is Holistic:
    Prevention must not only applied to obvious consumption choices, but also to everything else affecting lifestyle.
    Prevention needs to be applied to the Physical - Mental and Spiritual realm, and apply that holistically to a person, a group and to society.

  6. Active Prevention is recognising that Mind, Attitudes, Standards and Values are vital contributors to lifestyle health issues.

  7. Active Prevention is Natural:
    Even so 'Natural' has just a general meaning, applying that term to Prevention spells out that no medical drug intervention will be present in this form of Active Prevention.
    Natural Prevention always has as its root the activity factor. The patient or person needs to actually "do something" to achieve a preventative result.

  8. Active Prevention Policies have to touch all people in all walks of life:
    As long as we have people living in poverty, or have marketing and advertising for health depleting products, or bad policies regarding drug use, homelessness, crime, we will have sickness.

Disclaimer: Prevention will support health, but it is not a "guarantee to prevent all diseases". Environmental and Genetically Factors will influence a persons health to a great degree.

5 types of Active Prevention:

Active Prevention positively influences a person Lifestyle to ultimately gain complete physical, mental and social well-being.

  1. Prevention for health issues that are inherited, genetic or consisting of specific weaknesses.

  2. Prevention of contracting "LIFESTYLE DISEASES", by living a healthy lifestyle AND by overcoming an already diagnosed LIFESTYLE DISEASE.

  3. Prevention of suspected health conditions, where "NO medical diagnosis could be established", therefore the medical Doctor is not prescribing a treatment. Prevention will assure that the suspected issue is less likely to develop.

  4. Prevention of "medical diagnosed health issue" from getting worse, while supporting general health and well being to be able to overcome that health condition.

  5. Prevention of Chronic Diseases from becoming worse ...

Active Prevention Strategies for Lifestyle Diseases:

An experienced Active Preventative Health Care Practitioner will be encouraged to start "preventative care strategies" within their community, by being active on Social media as well as local media, by offering Free introduction classes and groups for wellness improvement.

Prevention by it's very nature is Pro-Active Health Care. - Active Prevention, being Pro-Active beats being Re-active.

To visit a Preventative Health Care Practitioner one needs NO Health issue, the public is encouraged to take responsibility and seeks out ways to improve their health and wellbeing.

The first consultation will always be a a thorough examination, often in combination with an medical Doctor to rule out any serious concerns.

The first consultation will establish an individual lifestyle improvement strategy for this very person. Most people have underlying health related weaknesses. Those weaknesses will be addressed first, if no other medical conditions are present.

Underlying weakness are determined by personal and family history, possible DNA testing, and past lifestyle choices.

Iridology may also be used to determine constitution makers, which may be used NOT for treatment, but for possible health improvement measure.

Even so our medical health system is absolutely successful, it has not improved the state of wellness.

Our society is suffering from a range "Lifestyle Diseases", those Lifestyle Diseases are "extremely responsive" to Preventative Lifestyle Changes as recommended by an Active Preventative Health Care Practitioner.

The Medical Definition of Lifestyle disease is as follows:

Any disease associated with the way a person or group of people lives. Lifestyle diseases include atherosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke; obesity and type 2 diabetes; and diseases associated with smoking and alcohol and drug abuse.

The medical establishment does recognise that regular physical activity and a proper diet helps prevent obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, colon cancer, and premature mortality, however this has NOT stopped lifestyle diseases to reach epidemic proportion.

It has to be stressed that lifestyle changes go hand and hand with attitudes, therefore, a Preventative Health Care Practitioner will have training in counselling techniques, such as NLP - Hypnosis - Coaching - Counselling - Psychotherapy.

Combining Mind management techniques with physical treatment modalities makes a truly Holistic Practitioners.

Common Recognised Lifestyle Diseases:

Treatment strategies for the following Lifestyle diseases are established but will be applied on an individual basis in a holistic way.

Active Preventative Health Care Practitioners will have studied a multitude of Natural Therapy Modalities along their primary modalities.

Special training, including mind modalities techniques will be provided with bridging courses for practitioners not accustomed to 'Counselling" modalities, to become truly Holistic.

Common Lifestyle Diseases: ( Preventable )

  1. Weight Problems - Obesity

  2. Diabetes Type 2

  3. Cardio Vascular Problems

  4. Allergies and Food Sensitivities

  5. Muscle and Skeletal Problems

  6. Digestive & Colon Problems

  7. Premature Mortality


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