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ECO Review:

Supporting Holistic Earth Care & Innovative Environmental Strategies

Listings of all kind of eco information and eco web-sites with a short review and a possible section of how people are able to offer support.

Review scores: 1 to 5 well done points - 1 to 5 shame points

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Red Soil Organics 

Growing Organics - Workshop - Organic Farming - Biodynamic - Growing Food in Existing Forests Workshop

Biodynamic course on vegetable, herb, fruit and nut growing - for beginners right to advanced and we will be holding our segment "Microbes As Livestock" 

UseNature Review Score: 5 well done points

Read all about it - Red Soil Organics 

Bioplastic Made From Fish Scales - MarinaTex

Certain things are just great …. in particular, we love if someone uses a waste product and creates something usable, which in turn inflicts no harm to our fragile environment, and even brings additional benefit as composting material.

MarinaTex is a home compostable material designed as an alternative to single-use plastic films. The material is comprised of waste material from the fishing industry and sustainable algae.

UseNature Review Score: 3 well done points, more points once it gets of the ground. :-)

Read all about it - MarinaTex

Earth Care - Q & A - useNature's Editor interviewed by "Eco Conscious Movement"

Huge areas of land are depleted by mono-culture and high intensive chemical farming practices. - Depleted soil will not hold water, and worse, will NOT sequester carbon. 

Review scores: 2 well done points

Read all about it - Earth Care - Q & A



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