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Suggestion and Guidelines ... Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice.

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NOTE: It is highly recommended that Australian Natural Therapists adhere to the National Code, the Code of Ethics for the unregistered practitioner.

An Association approved "Universal Code of Ethics" - will further strengthening the National Code of Ethics for unregistered practitioners

This code specifies critical ethical principles to guide Natural Therapists in their aim of providing health care.

Preamble: A qualified accredited Naturopath is "providing preventative and supportive health care", which are strictly "non-invasive and drug free".

Naturopathy is not competing or interfering with or against General Medical Practitioners.

  1. A Natural Therapist is NOT using medical diagnosis for the purpose of naming a disease state.
    Naturopathic diagnosis is holistic in nature and used as a tool to efficiently recommend supportive treatment to enable a patient's system to heal itself.

  2. Natural Therapists do not treat "Diseases", they support a patient's ability to heal themselves.

  3. Natural Therapists do NOT treat notifiable conditions, and they do not "treat cancer".

  4. A Natural Therapist is NOT exploiting a patient for any reason.
    The prescribing of therapeutic like agents/products are strictly for the aid of the patient and not profit motivated.

  5. A Natural Therapist is NOT making any Therapeutic or Cure claims.

  6. Ensure that your patients are aware of fees. - Encourage open discussion of health care costs.

useNature's recommended code: Code of Ethics/Conduct

Accreditation Recommendations :

  1. Adhere to the universal Code of Ethics for Unregistered Health Practitioners.( Individual requirements should be added)

  2. Codes should be taught at training facilities, ( Colleges - Universities) and included in examination questions.

  3. Practitioners, once accredited, need to show the Code of Ethics at their clinic rooms as well as on their web-sites and strictly adhere to those codes.

  4. Read and apply the Code of Ethics/Conduct

Violating the Code of Ethics for Unregistered Health Practitioners may result in a complaint procedure.

Natural Therapy Association Codes available at present:

  1. Individual State "Code of Conduct" for Unregistered Health Practitioners
    Health - NSW Gov : Code - Regulation - very important guidelines.

  2. ANTA - - Code of Professional Ethics - 12 pages, includes: advertising codes. ( PDF

  3. ANPA- Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association - Code of Ethics - 1 page - includes : Practitioners must never claim to "cure".
    Advertising Codes .. A practitioner shall not advertise or lay claim to secret or exclusive methods of treatment.

  4. Aronah - Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists - Code of Conduct - 26 pages ]

  5. ATMS - Australian Traditional-Medicine Society - Code of Conduct - 6 pages .. includes: Advertising Code : must not : Make claims of treatment that cannot be substantiated, make claims of cure, use the title of Doctor.

  6. NHAA- National Herbalists Association of Australia - Code of Ethics - 13 pages - includes: The practitioner shall be primarily concerned with the health care and safety of the patient and not be influenced by motives of profit. -

  7. AAMT - Australian Association Of Massage Therapists - Code of Ethics - 4 pages - very good practice guidelines for massage practitioners, all main topics of possible problems addresses, including; Draping Policy

  8. AHA - Australian Homeopathic Association - Code of professional Conduct - 9 pages - includes: Adverting codes: Not claiming superior competency or implying cure of any named disease and not offering guarantees of a particular outcome as an inducement.
    AHA has it's own "Registration Board - AROH: with a Code of Professional Conduct -
    The purpose of the Register
    is to protect the public by accrediting only practitioners who meet these standards.

  9. CMA - The Complementary Medicine Association - Code of Ethics & By-Laws - 11 Pages -

  10. cma- Complementary Medicines Australia - Codes of Practice CMA Marketing & Supply Code of Practice: Complementary Medicines - 50 pages

Codes for Comparison - Medical Codes:

  1. Medicine Australia - Code of Conduct - 98 pages ... very comprehensive ...

  2. AMA - Australian Medical Association - Code of Ethics - 1 long web-page .. including > Recognise your professional limitations and be prepared to refer as appropriate.

Colleges - Codes

  1. Endeavour - College of Natural Health - Contacted - waiting for Code of Ethics

  2. AIAS - Endeavour College of Natural Health - Contacted - waiting for Code of Ethics

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