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Natural Therapy and the Evidence ...

There is an amazing amount of confusion, misconception and misunderstanding about Natural Therapies.

Unfortunately most of the critic, skepticism and emotional outburst are of an extremly General nature, and are not helping to create a more sustainable better functioning Health System. - We are open for constructive discussions, as well as responding and clarify misconceptions about Natural Therapies. ..

Naturopathy under the Microscope:

Naturopathy & Scientific Evidence Database - Public Information Guide

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Naturopathy Philosophy Science Menu:

... including ... responses to unjustified claims against Natural Therapies

  1. Scroll down for general explanation: Natural Therapies - No evidence

  2. Is it possible to compare the Medical System with the Naturopathic System? .... comparing Apples and Oranges.

  3. Biased Criticism about Complementary Medicine - (CAM) - Australia has seen an increase in the use of ‘complementary and alternative medicines’ (CAMs), at considerable benefit to the public and to the wider health care community.

  4. A medical science conspiracy? ... or is it just coincidence, that medical research hasn't found a cure for Cancer, Arthritis or indeed for any Chronic Disease as yet?

  5. What is Naturopathy all about? - A Naturopath to the general public may seem to be a general term, similar to the term "Natural Therapist", but is indeed very specific. The confusion is created by the extra "Elective" Therapy Modalities a practitioner has studied. As Naturopathy is a "holistic" form of practicing, practitioners will also address lifestyle changes with techniques which may not be able to be scientifically validated as they are responding only to individual patients and their specific situation. - Read more

  6. Holistic Philosophy and Health ... most practitioners within the Natural Therapy Industry align themselves to the philosophies of Holistic Healing. All that really means is to treat a person holistically, which translates as treating the whole person, not just their kidneys, skin or headache.

  7. ....

Confusion Number 1 - Terminology - What is Natural Therapy?

Natural Therapy is a general umbrella term, similar to the term; Medical Therapy. Neither of those terms has a specific meaning. It just describes vaguely the field of application, with the obvious conclusion that one is more medical and the other other more natural. If you think about it, "pretty meaningless".

What Natural Therapy is not:

The term Natural Therapy or Natural Therapist, does NOT indicate a profession, a diploma or certificate. Nor does it indicate a specific Natural Therapy Modality or Category.

The term Natural Therapist, will not indicate if someone is a qualified Naturopath or someone doing Brazilian Toe holding.

* Therefore, before anyone is skeptic or criticising Natural Therapy, and to be constructive, please be "specific".

In 90% of complaints against Natural Therapy, the complaints have nothing to do with qualified practitioners.

The common complaint that absolute all Natural Therapist are "quacks", does not help either, is not scientific, has no meaning, and holds no evidence.

Therefore, anyone who actually practices Natural Therapy, such as a Naturopath, the treatment will commence with teaching lifestyle improvements; such as good balanced diet habits, advising of proper sleep and rest habits, eliminating stress as much as possible and recommending a proper exercise regime.
How anyone could proclaim that such advice is quackery is beyond me, it is just logical and dare I say; "natural". 

For more information please read: Natural Therapy

Confusion Number 2 - No Evidence ...

What does that mean? Professional Natural Therapists of various Modalities constantly get attacked that there is no evidence.

Evidence for what? Evidence for the above, Natural Therapies, or for something specific?

If it is for something specific, please let me know, and I will do my utmost to answer to your skepticism.

  1. First of all, not all Natural Therapies need evidence, because they work by the notion of: "The prove is in the pudding", and they do no harm.

  2. All accredited practiced and recognised Natural Therapies have clinical evidence.

  3. Individual treatment agents, such as nutritional supplements, herbal medication and so forth, have scientifc evidence of their active properties.

  4. Natural Therapists DO NOT TREAT Diseases, and DO NOT make therapeutic claims, therefore the need for specifc evidence is non existing.

  5. Natural Therapist, aim for "Clinical Evidence", meaning: Does the patientt feel better after a determined time span.

  6. Natural Therapist DO SUPPORT a patients health, and the patinets will need to take an active role, and self-responsibility to increas his or her health and wellness, by adopting a health giving lifestyle.


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