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What is Co-regulation?

Co-regulation generally means a combination of Industry and Government regulation.

Co-regulation involves the Natural Therapy Industry and the government as the regulator developing strategies and administering and enforcing a workable health care model.

Co-regulation for Natural Therapies means that interest groups or associations of our industry develop guidelines and regulatory arrangements, such as codes of ethics or conduct, in consultation with government.

Natural Therapy Associations will administer their own arrangements, while the government provides legislative backing to enable the arrangements to be enforced. 


Co-regulation is best suited for modalities not ever likely to be falling under the stat. Registration system.

Stat. Registration is suitable for Treatment Modalities which need a higher degree of public safety.

Co-regulation, the preferred regulation model for generel Natural Therapy Modalities:

Co-Regulation represents the philosophies and practical means of Natural Therapy Modalities in their correct meaning and practice, of which the key-elements are presented within the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The Co - Regulation Model

  1. Natural Therapies are deemed as Safe, if practiced according to Natural Therpay guidelines and Code of Ethincs, and therefore regulation with Statutory Registration is unnecessary, and sends a wrong message to the public.

  2. Co-Regulation is the preferred model and offers appropriate representation for accredited practitioners.

  3. Accreditation processes will secure Education Standards and protect Titles.
    Practicing without accreditation, violates the Codes of Ethics/Conduct, suitable steps )are needed to discourage that practice, with the government providing legislative backing.

  4. Quality safeguards are applied with Requirements for; Membership; Accreditation - Ongoing training - Insurance and Co-Regulation Registration.

  5. Co-Regulation supports all Natural Therapy modalities, and assures that no fragmentation of holistic principles occurs.

  6. Treatment Modalities:
    Naturopathy - Herbalist - Nutritionist - Homeopathy .. and ....
    Sub-Modalities are generally perceived by the Medical System to be relatively ineffective, but safe.
    However sub-modalities are vital for "Individual" Active Prevention.
    List of possible Modalities:

    Alexander Technique - Aroma Therapy - Astrology - Biomesotherapy - BodyTalk - Bowen Therapy - Breathwork - Brain Gym - Building Biologist - Chakra Healing - Colonic Irrigation - Colour Therapy - Craniosacral Therapy - Crystal Healing - Emotional Freedom Technique - Feldenkrais - Feng Shui - Flower Essence - Forensic Healing - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - Hydrotherapy - Iridology - Journey Therapy - Kinesiology - Laughter Therapy - Meditations - Music Therapy - Natural Vision - Neuro Linguistic Programming - Personal Training Pilates - Qigong - Reflexology - Reiki - Remedial Massage - Shiatsu - Stress management - Weight-loss - Yoga..... and many more ...

  7. Co-Regulation supports streamlining Education... by making recommendations, which courses and education are acceptable to Association's Standards and Accreditation.
    Any course outside of standards, would be classed as NOT accredited, and seen as general interest courses.

  8. Co-Regulation supports a strict Code of Ethics and sees Natural Therapies as Provider of Active Preventative Health Care.

Regulation for Practitioner Only Products (POPs)

Establish a rule and policy that only accredited "Primary" modality practitioners are permitted to buy and prescribe POPs.

To assure this is happening, the provider number of a practitioner needs to be listed next to a purchase order, or in case of a "Patient", a script for POP's

Any products sold without a provider number reference should be investigated, and the supplier of the products, should be first cautioned, and on reoccurrence the supplier should not be allowed to sell "Practitioner Only Products".

"Code of Ethics/Conduct - Scope of Practice"

Most complaints against Natural Therapies, are about "treatment claims" - "wrong diagnosis", and "selling supplements for profit".

If strict Pro-active Guidelines a adhered to, "accredited practitioners" honour those guidelines, most of the complaints would be inconsequential.

Further more, if complaints are made, they would be on grounds of "someone" violating "Codes of Ethics/Conduct".

Pro-Active addition to the Code of Ethic/Conduct:

  1. Accredited Natural Therapy Practitioners DO NOT treat a Disease, and they DO NOT make Therapeutic Claims.
    Instead, their treatment is directed individual, and holistically toward supporting "a body in its inert capability to heal itself".

  2. Accredited Natural Therapy Practitioners DO NOT Diagnose for the purpose of "naming a disease".

  3. Accredited Natural Therapy Practitioners DO NOT sell Supplements for the Purpose of profit.
    Instead, supplements, and other therapeutic agents are prescribed on patients needs.
    Therapeutic reasoning for the prescription needs to be recorded on a patient file.

  4. Accredited Natural Therapy Practitioners DO SUPPORT and treat "Individuals", not a disease name.
    Treatments and Health support is tailored holistically to the individual person, not the disease.

Complete Code of Ethics/Conduct see > Code of Ethic/Conduct


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