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Open Letter in support of Natural Therapies

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OPEN LETTER ... To whom it may concerns, and more specifically to, The Hon Greg Hunt MP – Minister for Health

Subject: Explaining the misinformation about Natural Therapies and recommending steps to improve the health system.

Main focus point:

The NHMRC ruled 17 Natural Modalities as NOT effective.* (2015)

*National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

NHMRC has failed to evaluate Natural Therapy Modalities for its Active Prevention of LIfestyle Diseases.

Each Natural Therapy Modality has special attributes for supporting "Individual patients" in their pursuits for complete physical, mental and social well-being!

NOTE: UseNature is urging the Government and related policy bodies to re-evaluate Natural Therapies for their "Active Preventative Holistic Therapy Role", and further more, for the government to create policies to further develop Active Prevention, by subsidising activities and education to enhance "Positive Preventative Lifestyle Choices".

the World Health Organisation's Constitution:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

5 point Open Letter, Natural Therapy the Active Disease Prevention System:

1. Point: The NHMRC has seriously DAMAGED the main Active Preventative System that is Actively Preventing Lifestyle Diseases; the Natural Therapy System.

Active Prevention is better than a cure

The NHMRC has failed to evaluate Natural Therapy Modalities as vital for Active Prevention of LIfestyle Diseases.

The Medical System offers mainly Passive Prevention, such as medical test and vaccination.

The Natural Therapy System is the only system that offers Active Prevention and improving health.

2. Point: One can Not use the medical system's validation criteria to evaluate the Natural System!

The Medical System is a DIRECT disease treatment system.

The Natural System is an INDIRECT disease treatment system. - Active Prevention and improving health comes first.

These 2 Systems can NOT be compared, both have vital, but different functions.

Natural Therapy does not fight a disease; instead it "treats to support" an individual person's ability to improve health.

The Natural Therapy individual treatment steps, education, recommendation and physical therapy, as well as ongoing active preventative care, CAN NOT be evaluated with double blind testing. -

Natural Therapies are validated by clinical evidence, as well as scientific evidence for individual treatment tools.

3. Point: What is Active Prevention?

Activation of a Patient is the key differences between the natural and the medical systems.

The patient has to perform a lifestyle changing action, including or excluding lifestyle habits. 

The Medical System keeps patients Passive.

The Natural System Activates the patient.

Actively changing lifestyle habits, the patients become active, taking back responsibility for their own health!

4. Point: Australia has NO Active Prevention Policies

Active Prevention Policies have to touch all people in all walks of life: As long as we have people with lifestyle diseases, or living in poverty, or having marketing and advertising for health depleting products, or bad policies regarding drug use, homelessness, crime, we will have sickness. 

Without the Natural Therapy System, we will have no Active Preventative System.

If no Active Prevention is in place, a patient most likely will stay on a "Diseases Maintenance Treatment', eventually attracting more health issues by pathways of drug side-effects and of not having changed underlying probable causes of the disease state.

Natural Therapy - Active Prevention Principles include:

  • Prevention for inherited Health issues, genetic or consisting of specific weaknesses.
  • Prevention of contracting "LIFESTYLE DISEASES".
  • Prevention of suspected health conditions, where "NO medical diagnosis could be established", therefore the medical Doctor is not prescribing a treatment. Prevention will assure that the suspected issue is less likely to develop.
  • Prevention of "medical diagnosed health issue" from getting worse, by supporting general health and wellbeing to overcome a health issue.
  • Prevention of Chronic Diseases from becoming worse.

5. Point: The Medical System and Government have NOT stopped the Lifestyle Disease Epidemic!

Our society is suffering from a range "Lifestyle Diseases", those Lifestyle Diseases are "extremely responsive" to Preventative Lifestyle Changes as recommended by a Natural Therapy Practitioner.

The medical establishment does recognise that regular physical activity and a proper diet helps prevent obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, colon cancer, and premature mortality, however this has NOT stopped lifestyle diseases to reach epidemic proportion. 

NOTE: It is NOT enough for a medical practitioner to suggest to a patient to lose weight or improve a diet.

Real change and prevention occurs ONLY by the activation of a patient, as practiced by a qualified Natural Therapy Practitioner.

There is NO Doubt that Patients who seek Holistic Natural Therapies live a Healthier Lifestyle, actively 'saving the government millions' by staying healthy and by NOT attracting "Lifestyle Diseases".

Active Prevention is better than cure.

Sincerely ... Dieter L. - useNature


More information:

Natural Modalities are vital for Health and Prevention

Explaining and offering information on how the 17 different modalities are practiced, and how they deliver their own unique way of supporting a patient's health.

Alexander technique - Aroma therapy - Ayurveda - Bowen therapy - Buteyko - Feldenkrais - Herbalism/western herbalism - Homeopathy - Iridology - Kinesiology - Massage therapy - Naturopathy - Pilates - Reflexology - Rolfing - Tai Chi - Yoga.

Governing Principles of Natural Therapies

Constant unjustified attacks on the NTS have made it imperative to educate the public as well as governing health related bodies about the deliberate misrepresentation of Natural Therapies by so called "skeptics", as well as governing and regulating bodies, influenced in their thinking and argumentation by the assumption that Medical System standards and principles need to be applied to the practices of Natural Therapies.

Natural Therapies - Code of Ethics/Conduct

Disclaimer: Prevention will support health, but it is not a "guarantee to prevent all diseases". Environmental and Genetically Factors will influence a persons health to a great degree.
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