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How to practice as an "Active Preventative Holistic Health Care Practitioner"?


Why active?

  • Activation of a Patient is one of the the key differences between the natural and the medical system. The medical system keeps patients Passive.

  • ACTIVE Prevention, includes to actively change lifestyle habits, the patients has to be active.

  • PASSIVE Prevention, as practiced by the medical system, (essential) it includes; Vaccination & Medical tests.

Why Holistic?

  • Holistic practices and modalities will ensure that Natural Therapies will continue to be an innovator in Preventative Health Care, recognising the "Individuality of Patients and their Specific Preventative Requirement".

  • Holistic is including; mind, body and spiritual modalities, as well as behavioural and social attributes.

  • Prevention is achieved by a multitude of approaches, it is an individual process of activating a patient within their physical, emotional, mental, personal and social environment.

Why specify Prevention?

To send a clear message of the differences which exists between the natural and the medical system, and to clearly distance the Preventative Natural System from NOT being measured or valudated by medical standards.

Who can practice Active Prevention?

Any primary modality practitioner of Natural Therapy, such as Naturopaths, Herbalists, Homeopaths, Nutritionists, and Ayurveda practitioners are able to Practice Active Prevention;

  1. by adopting the National Code of Ethics/Conduct, and be aware of the Principles of Natural Health ... and/or .....

  2. Depending on primary modality practiced, will be encouraged to study relevant courses, to qualify for the term "Holistic", assuring understanding of mind-body-spirit modalities.

  3. Practitioners are expected to be able to facilitate classes or workshops for public awareness and in particular to patients to strengthen "compliance" in a lifestyle improvement health support strategy.

  4. Accreditated practitioners who have registered on the Accredited Practitioner Registry, are permitted to display the "Holistic Health Care Practitiner - Certifcate Logo" on their website.

The Process to Active Prevention

  • The "Process" is Only meant to Assure appropriate studies have been undertaken and the difference in "direction of treatment" between the medical and natural holistic system is clearly understood.
    It is meant to "re-educate", assuring all accredited practitioners practice by the principles of Naturopathy, and have qualifications to ascertain that modalities for practicing Holistically are practiced.

  • Requirements:
    All Primary Modalities,
    will need to be accredited in appropriate modalities to demonstrate Holistic Principles, covering 3 human aspects, such as; body, mind, spirit, and possibly an interest or experience in aspects of creativity, social, work, relationship.

  • Example of a fully qualified accredited Naturopath:
    Herbalism, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Iridology, Remedial Massage, NLP, Reiki, and creative activity, such as Art.

  • Suggested Mind Modalities:
    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Coaching - Hypnosis - Counselling - Psychology - Psychotherapy - Art or Music therapy.

  • The emerging modality of Brain Plasticity holds great promises for Preventative, Restorative & Regenerative Health.
    Every practitioner is encouraged to study Brain Plasticity techniques.

    Brain Plasticity signals a new era in thinking within the often conflicting systems of modern Medicine and Holistic Complementary Therapies.
    The key to brain plasticity therapy concepts is the research of what and how to apply "therapy stimuli" for the brain to change.
    Read more .... What is Brain Plasticity?

How to become a Preventative Holistic Health Care Practitioner?

by .... adherering to the code of ethics - practice true holistic natural active preventative health care ...

Process Requirements:

Recognition and acknowledging the "Profound Differences" between the Natural Therapy System and the Conventional Medical System is essential to move forward to create a well balanced Pluralistic Health Care System, where Natural Holistic Active Prevention becomes as important as "Medical Treatment".

As in all "pluralistic equation", be it Male/Female, - Negative/Positive, - Yin/Yang, or indeed Natural/Medical, both parts are always EQUAL, and both parts are always needed, one part by itself can not exist.

Essentials of practicing lawfully within a Pluralistic Health Care System:

  1. We are living in a "Pluralistic Society", where one by itself can not exist.

  2. The Medical System is only one half of this equation, the other half is the Preventative Natural Therapy System.

  3. This clarifies the need for both systems without the need to contradict each other, but instead of working together for the betterment of health and humanity.
    A Pluralistic Health Care System, will achieve "SYNERGY" to produce a combined outcome greater than the sum of their separate outcomes.

  4. Natural Therapists to strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics/Conduct.

  5. Natural Therapists to add their Pro-Active Code of Ethics/Conduct, to their web-sites and clinic wall, including "Patients Complaints Process Info".

The "Pluralistic" Health Care System - revisiting Medical History

  • Both Health Systems, if seen through the eyes of History have been "one combined system", slowly separating into different modalities of medical and natural traditional prevention and treatment practices.

  • Herbalogy by example has been used by both types of practitioners, and many pharmaceuticals originated form herbal remedies.

  • Other practitioners, thinkers or scientists, created their own particular systems, such as Naturopathy, or the German term "Heilpraktiker" (Healing Practitioner).

  • In Germany, Heilpraktik (Naturopathy) was practiced by Father Sebastian Kneipp; who used Hydrotherapy, Herbs and Homeopathy to "Strengthen the patients System", and further more recommended strict dietary requirements.
    The Key point is: Treatment was directed towards
    "strengthening a system, building resistance, making a person more healthy".

  • Homeopathy has been another healing and preventative system created around that time. One really has to admire the genius and dedication of Samuel Hahnemann, (1755 - 1843), the Founder of Homeopathy. He was the first to prepare medicines by "Proving" substances on healthy human beings, to determine how medicines would react if used for treatments, forming the law: "Similia Similibus Curentur", or "Like Cures Like".
    (A homeopathic proving
    can be understood as an N=1 trial.)

    The World Health Organisation recognises Homeopathy as the most popular and widely used complementary medicine worldwide.

  • See also: Homeopathy Reviewed

The defining "Split" of the Natural and Medical Systems.*

"The microbe is nothing; the terrain is everything".

The year was 1825, when Medicine took one gigantic step forward, while taking one gigantic step backwards.

The Germ theory, discovering Bacteria causing diseases and rejecting the notion that a healthy body system may not Prevent this from happening, has separated the Medical system from a Natural Preventative system,

*There is only one way to re-unite both system, and this is by recognising that we need both systems, creating therefore a Pluralistic Health System

The accidental Protagonists:

  1. Louis Pasteur, French; was a well-known chemist and biologist famous for “pasteurization”, a germ theory and the development of vaccines.
    He along with German physician Robert Koch, is considered one of the fathers of the germ theory.
    Pasteur was convinced that our blood is germ-free.

  2. Bèchamp, French; known for his breakthroughs in chemistry and in strong rivalry with Pasteur.
    Bèchamp said that blood is NOT sterile, claiming that
    microorganisms come in many forms.
    Because of these finding he also says that diseases develops from inside the body.
    "The microbe is nothing; the terrain is everything".

  3. Prof. Günther Enderlein, German zoologist and entomologist (1872-1968) based his scientific research on Bèchamp’s work. In his book, “Bakterien Cyclogenie” from 1925, he used a "darkfield microscopy". He found that microorganisms could develop into countless forms whilst living in human blood!

  4. Claude Bernard (1813-1878), a physiologist and contemporary of Pasteur. - The famous quote; “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything”, is attributed to him.
    Today we know that microorganisms are pleomorphic, (meaning, they can change). A bacterium can mutate into a yeast or fungus and back again.

  5. Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908), believed "disease was a condition of imbalance in the internal terrain of body".
    They emphasized the context or environment, the TERRAIN , in which germs lived.
    On the one hand, if the terrain was balanced (homeostatic), then germs could not flourish.
    On the other hand, if the terrain were out of balance, then germs would thrive.

  6. Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp's observation and research marks the beginning of "ACTIVE PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE".

Natural Active Preventative Healing Perspective - create a "terrain" resisting disease.

Viewing the cause of disease as a function of the condition of the terrain represents "the Split" away from the medical model to a natural healing perspective.

The medical model, which dominates Western medicine, relies in large measure upon the tenets of germ theory, thereby, rendering humans as the "Reactive" targets who are the mercy of microbes.

In contrast; the Natural Preventive Perspective shifts the focus from the power of germs and puts the emphasis on the environment, the terrain, in which microbes seek to live.

It also recognizes people as "ProActive Agents" of health, who can make choices to create a terrain that remains in balance and less vulnerable to the potentially deleterious effects of germs.

anything that negatively alters the terrain, causes disease by upsetting homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the body’s balancing mechanism, and balance is a key word in health.

Therefore, it is very important that we get the body in balance and keep it in balance by ACTIVE PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE.

Today, it is well recognised that LIFESTYLE CHOICES exert a major influence on our General Health, with LIFESTYLE DISEASES now ranking in the top 10 disease statistics.

The 5 main Lifestyle choices that lead to susceptibility to disease:

  1. Poor nutrition, bad choices, too much alcohol, drugs, sugar and processed de-natured food.

  2. Inactivity, lack of stretching, cardio vascular and weight bearing exercise, as well as under breathing, shallow breathing,

  3. Structural Imbalance, skeletal and muscular problems caused by work and wrong lifestyle choices.

  4. Negative thoughts/emotions, attitudes related to self-destructive actions.

  5. Environmental toxins (primarily man-made chemicals and heavy metals)


Explaining disease as a reflection of the condition of the "terrain" and our lifestyle choices, provides a practical and natural way to think about and practice good health for anyone interested in preventing disease and living with physical, mental, spiritual and social vitality.

From this perspective, the terrain is indeed everything.

  • We do recognise now that it is impossible to create enough drugs and antiseptics to kill the seemingly infinite number of microbes and their potential to mutate into more virulent variations. Indeed the overuse of Antibiotics has lead to the creation of so called "Super Bugs".

  • One can only wonder abut the constant advertising of Antiseptic Everything .. what will happen if one steps out of this "Cloud of Anti-Septic"?

  • This is NOT a "Blame Game", this is in recognition that we can't exist without the science of medicine and pharmaceuticals,
    BUT, we can't exist without Active Natural Holistic Prevention either.

  • People "need to be provided" practical, natural methods to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit, along with the necessary education on how to live a more healthy preventative lifestyle to keep the "Terrain in Balance".

  • The germ theory proposes that microorganisms are the overriding cause of many diseases.

  • Conventional Medicine to this day is still based on this theory.

  • The question then becomes, what creates sickness and illness? Is it the germs or is it an unhealthy body?

  • In a pluralistic system, both theories are right to a certain extend, but will be more effective if practiced together.

  • Today, with our all time high use of of antibiotic drugs, chemical pesticides and herbicides, vaccines and antibacterial soaps, a germphobic society has resulted and a pharmaceutical empire is leading the attack.

  • Unfortunately, all of these practices have interfered with the body’s natural micro biome and impaired our immunity.

  • Nourishing the Terrain means Active Preventative Holistic Health Care for all ....

Note: Australia Budget - May 2017 - does not include funding for preventative medicine.

The funds spend on research highlight that chronic diseases are caused by diet and lifestyle choices.
These disease are preventable
.. with Active Preventative Holistic Health Care ... what is the government waiting for?

Disclaimer: Prevention will support health, but it is not a "guarantee to prevent all diseases". Environmental and Genetically Factors will influence a persons health to a great degree.
... compiled by: Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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