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useNature, campaigning for a better Health System

Hub for developing solutions and strategies for the inclusion of Natural Therapies into the "Conventional Medical Health System".

We need a new paradigm in Healthcare; Preventative and Restorative Healthcare needs to be of equal importance as Primary Care.

useNature supports the World Health Organisation's Constitution:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Natural Therapy Practitioners take a Holistic Health approach, and can deliver what the "WHO Constitution" is asking for.

The medical system, even so it is absolutely dedicated to helping the sick, is lacking behind in prevention and improving Health.

Health cost are constantly rising and are unsustainable.

We don't need more Hospitals ... we need more Healthy People!

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The Optimal Australian Health Care System - A new paradigm in Health Policies.
Discussing Statutory Registration - Co-regulation - Pro and Con's
Natural Therapies and the Evidence - There is an amazing amount of confusion, misconception and misunderstanding about Natural Therapies.
Unfortunately most of the critic, skepticism and emotional outburst are of an extremely general nature, and a not helping to create a more sustainable better functioning Health System. - We are open for constructive discussions, as well as responding and clarify misconceptions about Natural Therapies. ... read more
Nutritional Product Watch - Food Label Checks - Food Marketing Checks
Regulating "marketing" of potential negative health compromising food products. - Policies and legislation
Prevention Strategies - In pursuit of a healthy Lifestyle ...

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Natural Therapies in Australia

Support Natural Health:

The medical system, even so it is absolutely dedicated to helping the sick, is lacking behind in Prevention and improving Health.

Prevention and Improving Health is what Natural Therapist do best, we are destined to promote well-being. We need to include Natural Therapies into the "Overall Health System"! 

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Health Australia Party

Protect Natural Medicine

Gaining representation on the floor of the Senate for accurately and fairly at a Federal level.

In 2016 the "Health Australia Party" is going to do everything to ensure this representation happens.

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Being a pacifist does not mean being passive.

To activate peace, create:
peacefulness - happiness - health - purpose - empathy - compassion - tolerance.

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Utopia Revisited?

Green or Mean?
Why do we destroy our Planet?
Where have all the Forests gone?
Is War obsolete?

Please send me some of your urgent planetary and humanity healing question, solutions or suggestion.

Dieter L. - Editor

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Nothing works without creativity, that's where innovation come from.

Arts & Creativity are vital for Humanity

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Includes facilitating exposure and recognition for all artists, as well as generating possible income as a creative side effect.

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Peace Education through the Arts & Culture

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Nutritional Products Watch

Nutrition or the way we buy food, and what we eat has a huge influence on multiply levels, such as:
Personal - Environmental & Economical Health.

The right choice of food will not only improve your health but will influence the way food is produced and manufactured.

Food Label Check

Label Check - Rice Bread
Label Check - Custard

Be aware of the dangers of processed Food

The Great Diet Confusion

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