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This web-site will be created for support of healing Planet Earth and Humanity

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.. peace, harmony, tolerance, equality, happiness and health.

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How do we treat our Planet ?

Questions to be answered:

Aiming for Zero Waste
Events aiming for zero waste by instigating management procedures will reduce costs and waste to landfill. Local governments should be falling all over implementing sustainable event management practices which will take pressure off their landfills.

Large events that go on for days or weeks generate many tons of toxic waste, yes toxic.

More Questions:

Utopia Revisited

Green or Mean?

Why do we destroy our Planet?

Global Warming?

Where have all the Forests gone?

Is everything exchanged for Money?

Is there a "Save the Earth Movement"?

I am sure there are many more question, please send me some of your urgent planetary and humanity healing question, solutions or suggestion.

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Does Positive Thinking work?

How to prevent getting sucked in?

Are we Free?

Wen will we be ever Happy?

Body & Self Improvement

Can we be healthy?

What is the right Diet?

Can we have the cake and eat it too?

Should we excercsie everyday?

Special Interest Column: EARTH ART & MUSIC ...


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Lifestyle Art

Ambient Music

CD: People sit in Cars - by TidyKid

CD : Frozen Time - by Alpha Romance
Down-tempo - Ambient - "Alpha wave induced Atmospheric Music with a twist".

Earth Pictures Achieve

Coming soon ....
or send us osme of your favourite Green Earth images, and we will feature it!






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