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Active Prevention ... the Sustainable Future of Health Care

Practicing Preventative, Restorative & Regenerative Health

Campaigning for a better Health Care System

Developing guidelines for Natural Therapies to work in Active Prevention in 'parallel' with the "Medical System".

The new paradigm in Healthcare; Active Prevention needs to be of equal importance as Primary Medical Care.

useNature supports the World Health Organisation's Constitution:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Natural Therapists practice Active Holistic Prevention, and deliver what the "WHO Constitution" is asking for.

The medical system is lacking behind in active prevention and improving Health.

Health costs are constantly rising and have become unsustainable!

We don't need more Hospitals ... we need more Healthy People!

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To optimise health care, suitable regulations have to be adopted.

The most suitable regulation system for Natural Therapies is the Co-regulation system.
Comparing Co-regulation and Statutory Registration

What is Co-Regulation?
... and reasons why Co-Regulation is the "preferred system"
for Active Preventative Holistic Health Care Practitioners.
Benefits and Goals of Co-Regulation
Seeking a reimbursement and regulatory system that prioritises and encourages health promotion and prevention.

Active Prevention ... the Future of Sustainable Health Care

A new Class of Practitioners .. Preventative Health Care Practitioners

"Preventative Holistic Health Care Practitioners" - Learning form the past - revisiting Medical History -
Holistic Modality selection Advice
for accredited Practitioners - Reasons for becoming an Active Preventative Practitioner.
Governing Principles of Natural Therapies:

Guidelines for: Practicing Holistic, Active Preventative Natural Therapy Health Care.
Medical principles & standards can NOT be applied to the Natural Therapy System!

Active Prevention Strategies:
In pursuit of a healthy Lifestyle
... overcoming Lifestyle Diseases ..

Health Care Events, covering topics such as:
Wellness Practice Directive Reforms - Sustainable Future of Health Care - Co-Regulation - Protecting Natural Therapy - Attacks” on Natural Therapies - vexatious complaints against practitioners - Active Prevention - Code of Ethics

Wellness Practice Directive Reforms:
Explanations to lead Wellness Practice and Natural Therapy and it's application of Active Prevention into the future of Health Care.
Natural Therapies Modalities:
17 modalities discredited by the NHMRC - BUT all 17 modalities, and more, are vital and essential for Active Prevention
Natural Therapies and Evidence:
There is an amazing amount of confusion, misconception and misunderstanding about Natural Therapies. ... read more
Nutritional Product Watch - Food Label Checks - Food Marketing Checks
Regulating "marketing" of potential negative health compromising food products. - Nutrition or the way we buy food, and what we eat has a huge influence on our Personal, Environmental & Economical Health. The right choice of food will not only improve your health but will influence the way food is produced and manufactured.

Blog Articles - Find your individual Health pursuit challenges within our Self Help Active Prevention Articles

useNature welcomes feedback and opinions:

Please contact me directly to assure prompt answers: Dieter L. - Editor

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Active Preventative Natural Therapies

Active Prevention & Natural Health

Prevention is better than Cure!

Medical Standards do NOT apply to Preventative Natural Therapy Modality Standards!

Totally different Health Systems,
each important in its Own Right.

We got vital Medical Care, BUT we need better "Active Holistic Prevention.

Private Health insurance should reward their clients for seeking and using Active Prevention.

Active Prevention is Individual & Holistic;
supporting and respecting individual requirements.

The NHMRC evaluation ruled 17 Natural Modalities as NOT effective.

However, they failed to see that those Natural Therapy Modalities are vital in Active Prevention of LIfestyle Diseases.

Natural Therapy 17 Modality Menu

Information about each modality and its function in Active Prevention. - View Modalities

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Natural Therapy Advantages

Welcome to useNature's

Prevention & Co Regulation
Support Network & Registry

.... this Support Network has been established to assure the continuation of Natural Therapy as a Primary Force in Active Preventative Health Care.

Our Expert Team has created education guidelines, code of ethics/conduct, practicing guidelines for "Active Natural Holistic Preventative Health Care Practitioners".

This advisory Network is a response to the forever increasing attacks and misinformation about Natural Therapy practices, and to support Co-Regulation, Natural Therapy, and to become a dedicated practitioner working primarily in Active Prevention.

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Preventative Health Care Practitioner

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