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Holistic Health and ECO Review

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ECO Review: Red Soil Organics

Growing Organics - Workshop - Organic Farming - Biodynamic - Growing Food in Existing Forests Workshop - Gold Coast Hinterland

UseNature Review Score: 5 well done points

ECO Review: Bioplastic Made From Fish Scales - MarinaTex

Certain things are just great …. in particular, we love if someone uses a waste product and creates something usable, which in turn inflicts no harm to our fragile environment, and even brings additional benefit as composting material.

MarinaTex - is a home compostable material designed as an alternative to single-use plastic films. The material is comprised of waste material from the fishing industry and sustainable algae. - Read all about it - MarinaTex

UseNature Review Score: 3 well done points, more points once it gets of the ground. :-)

There is no need to make someone wrong in order for you to be right!

By changing the way we communicate, from negative to positive, from argumentative to supportive, we change attitudes at the same time.

... read more > Supportive Communication

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Earth Care - Eco Review - Supporting Holistic Earth Care & Innovative Environmental Strategies

Nutritional Product Watch - Food Label Checks - Food Marketing Checks

Regulating "marketing" of potential negative health compromising food products. - Nutrition or the way we buy food, and what we eat has a huge influence on our Personal, Environmental & Economical Health. The right choice of food will not only improve your health but will influence the way food is produced and manufactured.

Letter in support of a Preventative Health Care System

Active Prevention ... the Future of Sustainable Health Care

Naturopath - Preventative Health Care Practitioners

Active Prevention Strategies:
In pursuit of a healthy Lifestyle
... overcoming Lifestyle Diseases ..
Preventative Natural Therapies Modalities:
17 modalities discredited by the NHMRC
- BUT all 17 modalities, and more, are vital and essential for Active Prevention

Natural Medicine Advisory Board 
Blueprint / Model for a possible formation of an "Umbrella Type Body", for uniting, streamlining and advancements of Holistic Natural Medicine.

Naturopaths are "Preventative Holistic Health Care Practitioners" - Learning from the past - revisiting Medical History -
Holistic Modality selection Advice
for accredited Practitioners - Reasons for becoming an Active Preventative Practitioner.
Governing Principles of Natural Therapies:

Guidelines for: Practicing Holistic, Active Preventative Natural Therapy Health Care.
Medical principles & standards can NOT be applied to validate the Natural Therapy System!

Natural Therapy 17 Modality Menu - Information about each modality and its function in Active Prevention. - View Modalities


Comparing Co-regulation - Statutory Registration & Combination Regulation
To optimise health care, suitable regulations for the Natural Therapy System have to be adopted.

What is Co-Regulation?
... and reasons why Co-Regulation is the "preferred system"
for Active Preventative Holistic Health Care Practitioners.
Benefits and Goals of Co-Regulation
Seeking a reimbursement and regulatory system that prioritises and encourages health promotion and prevention.
Natural Therapies and Evidence:
There is an amazing amount of confusion, misconception and misunderstanding about Natural Therapies. ... read more

useNature supports the World Health Organisation's Constitution:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

We don't need more Hospitals ... we need more Active Prevention and more Healthy People!

NOTE: Natural Therapy Modality Practitioners are the Experts when it comes to practicing Active Prevention, and therefore are not in conflict with the medical system.

This can be the basis for Government Recognition and a possible separate Government department for Natural Medicine, monitored by Natural Therapy Experts.

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Nutritional Product Watch

Label Check - Rice Bread

Label Check - Custard

Sugar Tax?

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Supporting Natural Therapies as a Primary Force in Active Preventative Health Care.

We have created codes of ethics/conduct and practicing guidelines for "Active Preventative Health Care Practitioners".

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