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Food credibility conundrum ... is food marketing ethical? - In case of food marketing, the end-result is a lot of overweight people, diabetes type 2, heart diseases, alcoholism, sugarholics and misrepresented nutritional understanding.

Naturopathy & Scientific Evidence - Naturopathy under the Microscope

Why would you visit a Naturopath? Qualified Naturopaths are well equipped with a supportive "philosophy", as well as "scientific evidence" to boost overall health.
Lifestyle Disease Epidemic - Active Prevention - So ….. why don’t we prevent Lifestyle Disease? - What stops us? - Or is it 'who' stops us? - It is a well known fact that lifestyle choices are a major influence on our general health, with LIFESTYLE DISEASE now ranking in the top 10 disease statistics. Even without considering general health and ‘just’ concentrating on the elimination of lifestyle diseases, societies’ health issues would be dramatically reduced.  
Governing Principles of Natural Therapies:

Guidelines for: Practicing Holistic, Active Preventative Natural Therapy Health Care.
Medical principles & standards can NOT be applied to validate the Natural Therapy System!

Prevention, a Medical Dilemma - Dilemmas usually cost a lot of money, it's the population's health that carries the cost.

Free Weight Loss Guide - Article Column - The ultimate goal is not to lose weight, but to gain health!

NOTE: Natural Therapy Modality Practitioners are the Experts when it comes to practicing Active Prevention, and therefore are not in conflict with the medical system.

This can be the basis for Government Recognition and a possible separate Government department for Natural Medicine, monitored by Natural Therapy Experts.

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