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1.) useNature is actively campaigning for a more inclusive Holistic Health Care System, with better representation for Active Prevention and Natural Health

2.) The natural health care industry is mainly self regulated, but may be seen as a *co-regulated system, where Association are on one side, and the Government with National Health Codes, such as the Code of Ethics for 'unregistered practitioners, on the other side.

*Co-Regulation is defined as a combination of industry and government regulation. Co-regulation involves industry, in our case, the Natural Therapy Industry and the Government as the Regulator, administering and enforcing the State Government's "Code of Ethics for unregistered practitioners".

Note: In Australia there is no Governemnt Registration for Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Nutriton or Massage Therapies. All the named professions/treatment modalities are in fact self-regulated but have to adhere to the Code of Ethics for 'unregistered practitioners.

*Note to consumers/clients/patients - It is advisable to seek Natural Health support only from "Accreditate Practitioners" that have a valid membership with a recognised Australian Association.

useNatures Mission & Philosophy:

Our Philosophy is that of "Support", explained as: Being "for", rather than "against" something.

useNature is "NOT" fighting against misrepresentation and bias statements by organised bodies against Natural Therapies or the Environment.

useNature is "FOR" improving, and supporting Holistic Health & Earth Care.

useNature's Mission:

  • Better Health Care

Supportive Communication:

Communication is THE most important aspect of Human interaction.

There is no need to make someone wrong in order for you to be right!

By changing the way we communicate, from negative to positive, from argumentative to supportive, we change attitudes at the same time.

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Holistic Natural Health Care ...

.... is based on definite natural medical philosophies and represent a way of healthy living with established concepts, and is focusing on: Active Prevention of Diseases and Promotion of Health and Wellbeing.

The Natural System needs to be independently implemented, due to growing challenges in medicine in Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) (Chronic Diseases), Lifestyle disorders, long term diseases, multi drug resistant diseases, emergence of new diseases and an already overburdened medical system.

NOTE: Naturopathy is well accepted as an independent system of medicine. Presently there are Advanced Diplomas in Natural Colleges, as well as Bachelor Degrees at Universities.

A Natural Medicine Advisory Board - NMAB will help to in creating policies for Association and Government to secure and assure Natural Therapy is safeguarded and policed.

Scientific and Natural Healthcare Evidence

use Nature will continue to post relevant Natural Health Articles, including:

NOTE: Standard double blind medical testing is not appropriate for the preventative Health Care Model. - Clinical Evidence and Outcomes are the appropriate measures.

useNature welcomes feedback and opinions:

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