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Active Prevention ... the Future of Health Care!

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About useNature ... supporting Natural Therapies for a better Health Care System

We need both, the Medical System and the Preventative Natural Health System.

We are actively campaigning for a Holistic Health Care System, with better representation for Active Prevention and the Natural Therapy Systems.

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Active Prevention, the sustainable Future of Health Care

useNature Australia supports Active Preventative Natural Medicine:

  • Creating "preliminary" guidelines for the inclusion of Preventative Natural Medicine into the Australian Health Care System.

  • Fostering communication with like minded groups for support and implementation - join Friends of Holistic Health

  • Suggestion of Ethical Guidelines, Code of Ethics/Conduct and Scope of Practice.

  • Outlining the advantages of implementing a Natural Preventative Health Care System and Educating the community about Active Prevention advantages.
    Naturopathic Medicine Advantages

  • Active Prevention ... the Future of Health Care!
    Encouraging Prevention and Chronic Disease Health Care. -
    Preventative Health Care is of equal importance as Primary Care.
    Our Motto: We don't need more Hospitals, we need less sick People

  • Answering valid critic and complaints on behalf of the Natural Therapies
    .. policing the natural health care industry - encouraging a universal code of ethics

useNatures Mission & Philosophy:

Our Philosophy is that of "Support", explained as: Being "for", rather than "against" something.

useNature is "NOT" fighting against misrepresentation and bias statements by organised bodies of "Skeptics" against Natural Therapy. It is widely acknowledge that Skeptics deliberatly "misrepresent Natural Therapies.

useNature is "FOR" improving and supporting the Natural Medicine Therapy Industry.

NOTE: Reflecting on that philosophy, we are saddened by the misguided attacks against Natural Therapy, and we are particularly disturbed, that much of those attacks are created by medical doctors, which reflects badly on the whole Medical System.

NOTE: Professional Natural Therapists are as much appalled by fraudulent health care, products and practitioners, as medical Doctors are.

useNature's Mission:

  • Better Health Care for all Australians through availability of excellent health care from both systems, Natural/Preventive and Medical.

  • Innovative Natural Lifestyle based on Preventative Health Services, provided by qualified accredited Natural Therapists.

  • Innovative Natural Medicines Evidence Research for a longer and healthier lives, as outlined by the "WHO":

    “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Supportive Communication:

Communication is THE most important aspect of Human interaction.

No need to make someone wrong in order for you to be right! By changing the way we communicate, from negative to positive, from argumentative to supportive, we change attitude at the same time.

Recommendation for Co-Regulation, based on the Indian Model of The Ministry of AYUSH

AYUSH formed on 9th November 2014 to ensure the optimal development and propagation of AYUSH systems of health care. 

AYUSH is the acronym of the medical systems that are being practiced in India such as Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.

The Australian Model at this point of time may be simply called "Natural Medicine System - NMS".

NMS is based on definite natural medical philosophies and represent a way of healthy living with established concepts, and focus on: Active Prevention of diseases and Promotion of Health and Wellbeing.

The Natural System needs to be independently implemented, due to growing challenges in medicine in Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) (Chronic Diseases), Lifestyle disorders, long term diseases, multi drug resistant diseases, emergence of new diseases and an already overburdened medical system.

NOTE: In India today, Naturopathy is Recognised and well accepted as an independent System of Medicine. Presently there are 12 Degree Colleges, Affiliated to Universities and are imparting its five and a half years degree course of Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (BNYS).

Strategy of Implementations

A streamlined effort is to be made, representing practitioners, associations and colleges to lobby the government to "create a Department of Natural Health".

Government relations 

Working on developing contact and communication with the government. Creating policies for the Government to secure and assure Natural Therapy is safeguarded and policed.

Use Nature supports the "Health Australia Party".

Scientific and Natural Healthcare Evidence

use Nature will continue to post relevant Natural Health Articles, including:

NOTE: Standard double blind medical testing is not appropriate for the preventative Health Care Model. - Clinical Evidence and Outcomes are the appropriate measures.

useNature welcomes feedback and opinions:

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